Our Mission

The School of Excellence in Education educates, motivates, and nurtures all learners by using evolving methods and technology.

Our Vision

Innovate. Adapt. Excel - Dreams Happen

Our Goals

  1. Increase enrollment by a net of 10% per campus for the next three years.
  2. By focusing on relationships starting in 2013-2014, the district will increase student engagement to 100%.
  3. Beginning 2013-2014 the district will build unity by effectively communicating and implementing clearly defined policies and procedures.
  4. Beginning 2013-2014 the district will hire and retain 100% highly qualified and effective personnel

Our Creed

This is my Generation

I was born for such a time as this!

My future is secure and my presence

Makes sense.

I have purpose and potential.

My steps are in order; I am destined to succeed!

I do not need popularity.

I am not impressed by superiority.

I am limited by my own actions.

I produce excellence by my own attitude.

This is my generation; it was waiting for me to arrive.

I am here and it will not be the same.

My Generation

Core Values