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Welcome to the SEE Child Nutrition Department!

The Child Nutrition Team would like to welcome you to a New Year 2018-2019. We are looking forward in providing you with some great quality nutritious meals. We know that through the encouragement from our staff, parents and students we can make our department succeed to be a department of excellence.

Thank you
Mr. Samuel Reyes

Child Nutrition Food Service Manager


Our Vision:

To see our students eating healthy, making better choices and staying fit.


Our mission is to educate students of all ages in making good quality choices of what they eat and to grow healthy. We do this by providing good healthy meals through portion control and providing more fruits and vegetables.

What's New?

This is a great time for parents to teach their children the importance of a good meals. Eating a good balanced breakfast or lunch will provide the energy our children need to excel in their classroom work.

Things we need to eat on a daily basis for a better lifestyle:

  • Eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains;
  • Avoiding fried foods, sugary snacks, sodas and fruit drinks;
  • Choosing skim or low-fat milk and dairy products, and
  • Eating School Meals.

Make a decision this year to spend more time exercising than playing video or computer games or watching television. Pump up your activity level and make the new school year your healthiest and most fun year yet!