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Special Education » Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Special Education Program at The School of Excellence in Education Independent School District promotes beliefs which value and respect the rights of its students with disabilities to maximize their potential, and to fully participate in society and specifically within their community.
The department advocates that every student has a right to fully access the regular education curriculum and to be challenged to learn. It also advocates that all students with disabilities be included with non-disabled peers as much as possible in all activities and to be exposed to the diversity and culture within the community.
The School of Excellence firmly believes in collaborating with parents and service providers to educate students with disabilities, hand in hand.
S.E.E. Special Education Department also stresses that continuous communication among the community, social agencies, families of children with special needs, and their educators serves as a catalyst for their overall educational development.
The School of Excellence in Education Independent School District further promotes a special needs student's right to be educated and the development of well-trained, caring, and just teachers, schools and community.