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Program Opportunities

Alternative Learning Environment (ALE)

This program is designed for those students who would benefit from functional academics in a structured, consistent, small group setting with emphasis on self-help, communication and motor development. A modified curriculum incorporating the Domestic, Community, Recreation/Leisure and Vocational Domains is used to meet the unique needs of the individual students.


Content Mastery Class

Special education students attend CMC for modifications of the regular curriculum, methods, and/or materials as defined by the ARD/IEP. CMC is proactive in nature through the coordinated effort and expertise of the regular and special educators.


Lab Classes

These classes are available at the secondary level only. Lab classes are designed for special education students who are functioning below grade level and/or have behavioral/emotional factors affecting the learning process.


Resource Classes

These classes are designed to provide instructional assistance to students in mainstream classes. Emphasis may also be placed on development of organizational, study, and/or social skills.


Inclusion Services/Itinerate Services/Co-Teach

These support services are considered first for students identified under IDEA as having a disability. They are the least restrictive environments available to support students with disabilities in a public school setting. These services also allow our teachers to provide remediation opportunities for any student who is not mastering an objective in any one of the four core content areas. Supporting students in the general education environment is the most accessed service as S.E.E.


Visual Impairment

This is an itinerant program providing assistance to eligible students who spend the majority of the day in mainstream classes. Assistance may be provided in any academic area.


Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC)

This program is designed to provide either parttime (15 + hrs. per week) or fulltime (30 + hrs. per week) work experience through onthejob training (without pay) or paid employment.


Speech/Language Therapy

Provided for the evaluation and intervention of communication disorders of articulation, language, fluency and voice. Provided for eligible students whose communication skills adversely affect their developmental and/or academic skills.


Transition Planning

Planning process implemented at age 16 to assist students and their parents develop an Individual Transition Plan ITP which addresses their expectations for Life After High School. The ITP can guide the student and school toward academic courses that tie into the post-secondary educational goals and/or assist them in identifying community resources needed.


Other Related Services

Provided as needed to assist the student with a disability to benefit educationally as specified in the ARD/IEP.


Homebound/Hospital Programs

These programs are available to students who are expected to be confined at home or in a hospital, within our boundaries, for a minimum of four consecutive weeks as documented by a physician.


How These Services Work:

Special education and related services are specifically designed instructional services developed to support students with disabilities within the general curriculum. The intent of the support services is to enable all students with disabilities to make progress in the general curriculum, to participate in extracurricular and nonacademic activities, and to be educated and participate with disabled and non disabled peers in the public school system.