Wolfpack Athletics

Students attending Milton B. Lee Academy (High School) and Dr. Paul Saenz Junior High may participate in athletics. Athletes must complete all forms with the Athletic Department.

Students taking P.E. will be required to wear a Wolfpack P.E uniform. Uniforms can be purchased at Uniform Plus, located at 7142 San Pedro Avenue, 210-651-1255. The cost of the P.E. uniform is $20. Students are responsible for their own athletic shoes. Students are expected to participate and dress out daily.

Dr. Lois Butler is the Athletic Director, leading the staff and student-athletes toward success. The staff is looking forward to a great year and an increase in participation by students. The Wolfpack teams are looking forward to working with new coaches and having the support of the parents and teachers.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Lois Butler
Athletic Director

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