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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legacy Traditional Schools open to all students?

Yes, it is! In general, an open-enrollment charter school may establish no admissions requirements except that students meet the age, grade level, and residency requirements specified in its charter. An open-enrollment charter school may not deny admission to a student based on sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic ability, artistic ability (except as permitted by Texas Education Code (TEC) § 12.1171), athletic ability, or based on the school district that the child would otherwise attend.

How much does enrollment cost?

We do not charge tuition. Our school is publicly funded through the Texas legislature. A student may be required to pay the same fees at a Legacy school required at a traditional public school.

Which grade levels are served?

We have programs from Pre-K through Grade 12. However, each campus serves a specific group of grades. Please visit our campus pages for more information.

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