School Buses and Other District Vehicles

Students are subjected to the Code of Student Conduct when they are transported in school district vehicles. Any student who violates the Code of established rules of conduct while being transported in school district vehicles will be disciplined and /or denied transportation services.

The School of Excellence Transportation Department provides transportation for the normal school day to eligible students. Students who ride buses to and from school will be expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner. Any student, who can’t abide by the policies listed, will be subject to disciplinary action that may result in loss of bus privileges.

Students shall be responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations regarding safe transport of students by bus.

The concept of school bus safety has always been the highest priority of the School of Excellence Transportation Department. The philosophy among transportation officials is that safety must and will be maintained to ensure incident-free service for all whom transportation privileges have been extended. State of Texas law, as enacted by the 74th Texas Legislature, speaks very clearly regarding school bus safety. The intention given by the 74th Legislature provides for the enforcement of school bus safety under various parts of the Texas Education Code. Subtitle G. Safe Schools contains Chapter 37; Discipline, Law and Order, which contains, Section 37.125andSection 37.126 which states:

  • Section 37.125, Exhibition of Firearms: (a) A person commits an offense if the person, by exhibiting, using, or threatening to exhibit or use a firearm, interferes with the normal use of a school campus or portion of a campus or a school bus being used to transport children to and from school and /or school sponsored activites of a public or private school. (b) An offense under this section is a third degree felony.
  • Section 37.126., Disruption of Transportation: (a) Except as provided by Section 37.125, a person commits an offense if the person intentionally disrupts, prevents, or interferes with the lawful transportation of children to or from school or an activity sponsored by a school on a vehicle owned or operate by county or independent school district. (b) An offense under this section is Class C misdemeanor.

The School of Excellence Transportation Department is responsible to the students and their parents served by the district to provide the safest possible school bus ride. Those few students whose behavior jeopardizes the safety of any bus or group of students on district transportation will be subject to the laws of the State of Texas and the rules and regulations of the School of Excellence.

School Of Excellence Bus Rider Conduct Regulations Are As Follows:

  • Students shall remain in the bus seat while the bus is in motion. TEC, Section 34.004)
  • Students shall not carry any weapons, incendiary item, or knives on or around the bus (including at the bus stop).
  • Scuffling, fighting, and use of profane language on or near the bus will not be tolerated (including at the bus stop). If the bus driver is addressed in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner, the ensuing administration action will parallel that which would result from a teacher being subjected to similar action.
  • Students guilty of throwing objects from the bus will be referred to their school for disciplinary action and will be responsible for damage to a vehicle or injury to a person resulting from being struck by the thrown object.
  • Use or possession of tobacco, tobacco products, or tobacco paraphernalia in any form on the bus is prohibited. (TEC Section 38.006)
  • Use of possession of drugs, alcohol, or medicines on or near a school us (including at the bus stop) is prohibited. (TEC 37.006)
  • When unsafe or inappropriate behavior reaches the point of persistence and the driver deems it necessary to return the bus to school or to sop the bus to restore order, the student may be in violation of TEC Section 37.126 if the student intentionally disrupt, prevents, or interferes with the lawful transportation of children to or from school or to a school sponsored activity, an offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.
  • When a student is being transported in a special transportation bus or a school district automobile, seat belts must be used at all times.
  • To ensure student safety, students must use appropriate exits and entrances unless otherwise instructed by the bus driver to use emergency exits.
  • Bus permission slips are slips that give a student permission to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. These passes are good for one day and must be issued by a school official.
  • Stops – students are allowed to exit their bus only at their assigned stop.


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