Nancy Lopez, ESL 3-6 at Kelley Elementary

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My name is Nancy Lopez. I am the ESL teacher (English as a Second Language) for PreK through 6th grade students. I graduated from Texas A&M University and I am certified ESL as well as early childhood through 6th grade (EC-6). I hope to provide your child with that extra support as they are increasing their knowledge of the English language.

I have two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Alyssa, who have been raised to appreciate their Hispanic Heritage on their father's side of the family. They both learned Mexican Folkloric dance at an early age. On my side of the family, I was influenced by a grandmother and great grandmother who spoke fluent French. In fact, my father spoke only French until he attended school in Kindergarten. He is now a retired English and Latin teacher.

I believe that no matter what your cultural background or native language, we all have the desire to communicate with one another. Even though I am not bilingual with the Spanish language, I will definitely take the necessary steps to keep you informed of your child's progress and if needed through a translator.

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Conference Time: Coming Soon!

Location: Kelley Elementary Class Room #224 

Please have you child read nightly in English.