Elizabeth Phipps, Teacher at Walker Elementary

Contact me at ephipps@excellence-sa.org

Hello Parents and Guardians!

Who is ready for the 2019-2020 school year, I know I am! :D

My name is Mrs. Phipps and I am the 5th ELAR/Social Studies and 6th ELAR/Social Studies teacher. This year we are going to work on our team building, critical thinking, and problem solving skills while we dig deep into history and the world around us. I cannot wait to watch the kids grow and acheive!

This school year starts August 19th, I am eagerly anticipating the first day of school and seeing all the kids smiling and shining faces.

About me:

I am passionate about the kids reading and working on their literacy skills. In the room I have an ever growing classroom library stocked with books the kids are interested in. They are allowed to check out the books to take home and read until they finish them just remember to return them so others can enjoy the books too.

This year I want to work on helping the students stay organized, having them keep track of work that goes home, so the students will need binders and dividers along with a spiral for every subject. With those students will need to bring pencils, markers, colored pencils, construction paper. We will be doing a lot of projects based learning so we will run out of supplies fast. Below is a list of items that can be donated to the class to help out. I also want to keep our classroom clean and maintain the health of our students so we will also need cleaning supplied donated.

• Spiral Notebooks

• Sandwich and gallon sized baggies

• Glue Sticks (Always need)

• Erasers (Always in need)

• Scotch tape

• Pencils (Always in need)

• Facial tissues (Always in need)

• Disinfecting wipes (Always in need)

• Hand Sanitizer

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